Redken Color

Sultry espresso brunettes, warm  caramels, striking platinum blondes, and attention-getting brilliant fantasy colors -- Redken color can bring your hair to life with a vibrant palette of rich hues and shades that deliver long-lasting results without compromising the health of your hair.  This is no ordinary run-of the-mill color.  Redken’s  high quality color formulas will give your hair unmatched shine, manageability, and beauty.  


Redken's Shades EQ  can enrich your natural hair color, refresh faded hair color or tone highlighted hair.  This long-lasting, ammonia-free, demi-permanent hair color creates beautiful  tones with unsurpassed conditioning ability.   Shades EQ can be used in many ways including to enhance,  change or increase the intensity of your natural hair color or just add a  gorgeous, glossy shine to your locks.

    * Available in 20 shades including Clear.
    * No ammonia & acid pH technology.
    * Safe to use for grey blending.
    * Long lasting color that fades true to tone


Redken Color Fusion is a high quality, permanent cream hair color that delivers healthy-looking, multi-dimensional color.  With 100 shades in 6 categories, it can be used to lighten, darken, match natural hair color, cover gray or to create high fashion techniques.

Color Fusion uses an innovative process which combines an advanced dye system with an exclusive conditioning creme system for unsurpassed quality.  The translucent quality of this particular color formula allows it to give depth to your hair without overtaking your hair’s natural dimension.   The effect is natural looking, multi-dimensional color that resists fading and won’t wash out.


Shades EQ Cream offers rich, deep color and incredible shine along with superior conditioning and long-lasting results.  The high quality color formula is rich in pomegranate oil and rice protein to nourish hair and give it unbelievable softness and shine.     With an ammonia free formula, you can enjoy rich color and excellent coverage of gray without the typical odor and discomfort of ordinary salon color.

• No-ammonia acid pH technology
• 100% oxidative dyes for richer, deeper, long-lasting color
• Allows for advanced gray blending
• Excellent durability—fades on tone
• Available in 20 shades, plus Clear